Bring on the uplifting, Bluesy rock baby! Yessiree! Cast your cares to the metaphorical breeze and boogey down right now. Fourth Son South have you covered with their patented barroom skronk! If you fiend for music that is unpretentious and wears its funky, blues infused influences on its veritable sleeve with confidence and pride then … Read more


Robyn Ferguson has been on a creative rampage of late, churning forth a froth of proggy shred that has been titled the Alizaran chronicles, a collection of three ep’s that represent a alchemical journey of sorts, a journey exemplified in music of the most irredescent and immaculately constructed fashion. “Triptych” the latest EP in a … Read more


Hot damn I have been rendered punchdrunk by what I have just heard for I have been battered into submission in the most blissful manner! This volcanic conflagration of violent, insanely dynamic and groundbreaking music must be witnessed by all and posthaste! “Suffocate” is two and a half minutes of sonic turbulence that is like … Read more


If you’re a Slamming Deathcore fiend such as myself then the prospect of a split EP between South African heavyweights Vulvodynia and UK wrecking crew Acrania is one to celebrate. I have been waiting with bated breath to wrap my fevered eardrums around this release since I had been made aware of its impending arrival … Read more


Admittedly I am completely smitten by the smoldering confluence of grisly crushing old school inspired Death Metal and gritty Hardcore Boiling Point ply with such punishing acumen! Folks, it is near impossible for me to fault music of this sort for it speaks to me on a cellular level. “Fields Of Doom” is the debut … Read more

Chaos Doctrine Guest Vocalist Reveal!

The cat is out of the bag and there is not much time left before you can hear the Brand New Single “Black Friday Bedlam” featuring Jörgen Sandström (from bands sung as Entombed, Grave, Krux, The Project Hate MCMXCIX and Torture Division). Tune into Thursday Exposé on the 11 February from 8PM to hear the … Read more


Like a chrome plated war machine laying waste to all in its path, Chaos Doctrine’s latest track “Black Friday Bedlam” comes barreling out of the gates with furious intent! Built on a bedrock of thorny, barbed wire, thrash infused riffs, bludgeoning drumming,symphonic flourishes and crazed vocals, this slab of sonic savagery will lay siege to … Read more


South African Slamming Deathcore heavyweights VULVODYNIA have laid siege to the international malaise of Slam and Deathcore with their patented blend of bludgeoning pummel. All and sundry are aware of these bestial brutes. In fact I think in some cities they have become a household name. If I remember correctly I think it was my … Read more


The debut EP by the elusively mysterious sonic entity known as CAPGRAS DELUSION titled “Never Saw It Coming” is the answer to your prayers if you fiend for music of the most emotive, catchy and dynamic kind.Herein you will be treated to a duo of tracks that are both heartfelt and hellishly infectious in equal … Read more


The latest track courtesy of Global Plague entitled “Fear In Power” is both bludgeoning and beautiful in equal measure! Following in the footsteps of “Parasitic”, this slab of sonic heft expands upon the template and scope of their first single with unabashed immensity and prowess. Sonically “Fear In Power” is far more nuanced, dynamic and … Read more