Analepsy – Quiescence

Perhaps one of my most anticipated releases of 2022, ‘Quiescence’ by Analepsy has surpassed my expectations. Ever since I heard ‘Atrocities From Beyond’ I was hooked on the punishing, celestial Slamming BDM these ferocious fellows ply, and this their sophomore album ramps up the technicality and musicianship tenfold. Hailing from Portugal and featuring Marco Martins … Read more


The much anticipated and highly awaited return of Russian Slam overlords Abominable Putridity is finally here in the form of the turbulent eight track monstosity that is ‘Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation’. Following on from the landmark Slam classic ‘The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin’ released in 2012, their latest slab of bludgeon keeps their legacy alive with … Read more


It’s finally here boys and ghouls, the monstrous new album by Netherlands based wrecking crew Korpse entitled “Insufferable Violence”. Bare witness to a bludgeoning confluence of chunky rhythms and chugging riffs that are the audio equivalent to a battering ram! “Insufferable Violence” is bestial and relentless; a merciless Brutal Slam onslaught that doesn’t let up … Read more