It’s finally here boys and ghouls, the monstrous new album by Netherlands based wrecking crew Korpse entitled “Insufferable Violence”. Bare witness to a bludgeoning confluence of chunky rhythms and chugging riffs that are the audio equivalent to a battering ram!

“Insufferable Violence” is bestial and relentless; a merciless Brutal Slam onslaught that doesn’t let up in intensity over its thirty seven minute run time. From the opening track “PTSD”, an instrumental fraught with barreling rhythms, to the closing crush of “Epochs Of Melancholy” one is treated to a turbulent exercise in Brutal Slamming Death Metal that is malevolent and savage.

This is the type of sonic fare that is ferocious and proud of the fact. Korpse pander to no trends and in no fashion attempt to distill their punishing maelstrom of double kick fury, dense guitar riffs, smothering rhythms and guttural vocals they unleash with such unbridled virulence.

If you’re looking for a blast-beat fueled beast of an album fraught with deliciously chugging riffs, pig squeals and mammoth rhythmic heft then Korpse have you covered. Experience the fist-to-the-face pounding of “Genocidal Bloodbath” and tell me you’re not reeling in a state of bliss.

On this smoldering album ten slabs of staggering brutality await you and, if like me, music such as this sort makes you bristle with happiness, then “Insufferable Violence” is the answer to your blood soaked prayers.

-Asher Locketz-

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