The latest album by Devoured Elysium is a twenty six minute exercise in turbulent, Slam infused Tech-Death that draws upon the megalithic musicianship of Decrepit Birth, Origin and Archspire as much as it does from the unbridled brutality of Katalepsy and Korpse. Released by Gorehouse Productions, a label that have been bringing the fire as … Read more


South African Slamming Deathcore heavyweights VULVODYNIA have laid siege to the international malaise of Slam and Deathcore with their patented blend of bludgeoning pummel. All and sundry are aware of these bestial brutes. In fact I think in some cities they have become a household name. If I remember correctly I think it was my … Read more


I was honored to receive this fine release courtesy of the man behind Cryoplegia, Lwandile Prusenthimself late last 2020. What for all intents and purposes initially appears to be merely a savage slab of stellar Slam, which folks, is certainly not a bad thing, especially if you’re a Slam fiend such as myself actually turns … Read more