I was honored to receive this fine release courtesy of the man behind Cryoplegia, Lwandile Prusent
himself late last 2020.

What for all intents and purposes initially appears to be merely a savage slab of stellar Slam, which folks, is certainly not a bad thing, especially if you’re a Slam fiend such as myself actually turns out to be a far more nuanced and complex beast entirely. “The Biological Harvest” is filled to the brim with beefy riffs, vicious“brees” and bludgeoning rhythms, yet as witnessed in the bass guitar histrionics of “BLACK” which features Duncan Bentley and the guitar gymnastics of “Seeds Of Dominion” this EP has a tonne of sonic artillery up its sleeve that crosses the divide between Slam, Technical Death Metal and Deathcore with seeming ease.

Witness the hammering bass slapping mastery of “Sovereign Reign” and tell me you’re not writhing in
glee at the turbulent sonic tapestry on display! Wrap your ears around the cosmic, crimson soaked leads of closer “Ophelia” and revel in its ravaging rumpus for if this fine work of ferocity doesn’t set your brain aflame and cause your fists to pump in unison then you are either dead or have one foot in the grave already.

In conclusion “The Biological Harvest” is a malevolent slab of stellar Slam that jumps around the Death
Metal multiverse with unbridled glee and technical acumen littered with a fantastic array of guests contributors both international and local. So what more are you waiting for? Hop on board the freight train to brain embalming bliss!

-Asher Locketz-

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