Monday Night Metal Madness – SAMMA EDITION ft. Ghast & Boiling Point

Ahead of the South African Metal Music Awards, you will get to hear some of the category nominees and also get to hear myself and members of the Ghast & Boiling Point out of Port Elizabeth, following the release of their split EP on 31 Oct 2021 Please excuse the slight volume level inconsistencies. Bands … Read more

Late Night Variety 26 Oct 2021

LATE NIGHT VARIETYClick that PLAY button to listen to another KICK ASS Variety show here on BurgStudio Online! You can expect NEW & MATURED tracks from South Africa and other parts of the globe. You will get to hear this week’s choice for the 70’s Throwback, while some really awesome requests were played and I … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

ANOTHER MYSTERY BAND SUBMISSION!!! Can you tell who it might be? Give your thoughts on it in the comments section below! Check it out, SHARE if you care for the tagged bands and come hang out with your favorite METAL show here on BurgStudio Online! >>>JUST PRESS PLAY<<< Bands to expect during the show are… … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

Have a listen to this fix of all things METAL!!! This week we went all over the globe and touched on the darker side of METAL, but still a great variety of Black Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Slamming Death Metal, some Speed Metal and even 8 string goodies! So SMASH that play button for some … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

If you missed it, below is the latest installment of your Monday Night Metal Madness show with me, France The Planet, featuring Tristan Tanti of Carnivorous Horde!!! Myself and Tristan hung out on air to hear more about this amazing Maltese band and bring you more unheard tracks off they’re BRAND NEW EP “Slaughtered Uprising” … Read more


Ladies and gentleman prepare to be pummeled into submission for Port Elizabeth based purveyors of punishing Deathcore infused Metalcore Ghast have just released their debut album entitled ‘Dawn’ and it is explosive! This blistering foray into sonic carnage is ferocious and fraught with voracity. Beginning with the eerie tones and ominous atmospherics of “Abaddon Birth” … Read more


Hailing from the concrete sprawl of Johannesburg, South Africa, Sunken State ply a scorching confluence of Thrash, Groove and Melodic Death Metal that swaggers with vitriolic vibrancy and violent vigor. Having come into being in 2018 and consisting of Guitarist Mathew Swanepoel, Bassist Dwayne Klingbiel, Drummer Pete Pistorious and Vocalist Dwayne Hees, this quartet released … Read more

The Boogman Cometh

I’m excited to announce that from April 14th I will be returning to a daytime slot on burgStudio! Every Wednesday from 10 – 12 am I will be bringing you the biggest, baddest and brownest tunes to get you through the morning. I will be reviewing albums, bands and whatever else flies into my soup, … Read more


Welcome To Battle of the Bands!! This event runs for 6 days. The winner gets EXCLUSIVE airplay and 15min Interview on BurgStudio with France the Planet during “Monday Night Metal Madness”.Please do go over to Facebook and Instagram and like our pages to stay up to date with news from new, upcoming and unsigned bands … Read more

Chaos Doctrine Guest Vocalist Reveal!

The cat is out of the bag and there is not much time left before you can hear the Brand New Single “Black Friday Bedlam” featuring Jörgen Sandström (from bands sung as Entombed, Grave, Krux, The Project Hate MCMXCIX and Torture Division). Tune into Thursday Exposé on the 11 February from 8PM to hear the … Read more