Crushing, corrosive and combustible; these are the words that come to mind when describing the devastating Metallic Hardcore plied by Cape Town based cabal Peasant.

Their latest single, the combative ‘Pendulum Soul’ is testament to the above descriptor. Traversing similar sonic waters to All Out War, Sworn Enemy and Integrity, Peasant lay siege to one’s being with a churning froth of chugging guitars, blistering drums and scathing vocals.

Opening with an ominous riff and proceeding to charge ahead with vitriolic flare, ‘Pendulum Soul’ is a murderous display of tightly wound musicianship that panders to no trends and is devoid of pretense.

This skull shattering anthem showcases the buzzsaw guitars of Pieter Jordaan and Immanuel Bester, the low stun bass of Keagan V Rooyen, the bludgeoning drumming of Graham Pitout and the roaring vocals of Adri Jordaan, all of which work in unison to create a statement of deadly intent.

Witness its accompanying music video and feel the seething venom bleed through your screen.

This is unrepentant and merciless Metallic Hardcore that celebrates savagery as it spews forth a nihilistic diatribe that reflects upon the human condition with fatalism, at least from my humble perspective.

You will be pummeled senseless by ‘Pendulum Soul’ whilst savoring its every scorching second.

-Asher Locketz-

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