Fossilization conjure forth a murky morass of suffocating Death Metal that draws upon the dark smoulder of vintage Immolation and Incantation as much as it does the modern malevolence of Portal, Abyssal, Fetid and Ulcerate.

Hailing from Brazil and featuring members from Death-Doom-Sludge barons Jupiterian , the duo that are Fossilization will send you spiraling into a vile vortex of the most transcendent sort with their vicious and viscous sonic invocations.

Theirs is a swirling, pitch black cauldron of impenetrable Death Metal peppered with liberal amounts of blackened splendor that is a veritable tapestry of eerie atmospherics, cavernous vocals, churning riffs and bludgeoning drums.

If bands such as Ritual Necromancy, Reeking Aura, Qrixkuor, Krypts  and Mortification appeal to your sensibilities then, much like myself you will delight in the opaque, otherworldly and odorous embrace offered by ‘Leprous Daylight’.

 Opening track ‘Once Was God’ will cave in your head with its crushing collision of grisly riffs, ghastly vocals and pummeling drums as will ‘The Night Spoke The Tongue Of Flames’ with its subterranean cesspool of rhythmic battery.

Opening with a serpentine riff and progressing into a devastating treatise on all things dark and unsettling ‘Eon’ is a piece of punishing aural art as is the gnarled and nullifying propulsion that is ‘Wrought In The Abyss’.

Fossilization specialize in ugly, cavernous Death Metal that much like a black hole swallows everything in its orbit as stars collapse in the celestial ether.

I am utterly smitten by this riff driven piece of punishing, Doom infused Death Metal and you should be to!

-Asher Locketz-