Hailing from the windswept plains of Tehran, Iran, Calibre concoct a heady brew of fist pumping Melodic Metalcore that is as infectious as it is catchy.

Their patented brand of pummel is on full display in its unbridled glory on their debut album “The Storm Inside”. Consisting of eight emotive and fist pumping songs, this frenetic slab of sonic heft brings to mind the Thrash infused Metalcore of legendary covens such as Shadows Fall and God Forbid, a formula Calibre execute with their own unique flare. If you lust for music that will beat you about the head with beatific splendor then look no further for Calibre have you covered as you will be smothered in a delectable, touching and devastating smorgasbord of raucous music, the type that will make you feel as much as it will make you think.

Featuring Amin Yahazade on Vocals, Hamid Saleh and Milad Sarbadeh on Guitars, Emin Aghajanian on Bass and Peyman Sam behind the kit, Calibre serve forth a platter of pounding majesty that is made from the hardiest of materials and most harrowing of emotions.

Barreling forth with the anthemic “Number 13” which consists of stuttering rhythms, throbbing melodious overlays and a delectable chorus, the intent of Calibre is made clear! These Iranian overlords have come to attain dominion over our eardrums with a ecstatic blend of sugary clean vocals, harsh bellows and immaculately executed music that harkens back to the glory days of Killswitch Engage and Atreyu.

With the standard set by the opening track the remaining seven songs that construct this album very much follow a template which is built upon a bedrock of frenetic, Thrash infused riffs, tasteful flurries of double kick battery, throbbing breakdowns, harmonious dual lead interplay and choruses that could pack arenas with ease and cause the amassed crowd to shout and sing along with euphoria.

Yup folks this is Metal fit for mass consumption. Whether its the rollicking reverie of “The Agony”, the streamlined, forward moving momentum of “Hold The Dark” or the chest pounding char of “Last But Not Least”, each of the eight tracks assembled here bounce along with positivity and commercially viable vigor. The music Calibre ply with such conviction and stellar vibrancy is volcanic in a manner that is meant to inspire as opposed to incinerate.

In conclusion, “The Storm Inside” is the type of cyclone that is all about driving one forward on its waves of thunderous and sweetly melodious Metalcore.

-Asher Locketz-

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