Let ferocity reign for Vile Tape Records have allowed us fiends to delight in a devastating fourway split featuring some of the most monstrous Slam and Brutal Death Metal covens operating currently! Consisting of Putrid Womb, Disfigurment Of Flesh, Decomposition Of Entrails and Fatuous Rump ‘Dissolution Of The Wicked’ is a whirlwind of chunky riffs, chest beating rhythms, ghastly gutturals and blistering drumming.

Beginning with the bludgeoning Brutal Death Metal of Texan collective Putrid Womb whom offer us two punchy slabs of punishing smolder this split begins in a most promising fashion. Both “Alligator Amputation” and “Observing Human Misery” are prime examples of stripped down and savage Death Metal.

Russian wrecking crew Disfigurement Of Flesh follow with two equally as ferocious tracks in the guise of “Desecrated” and “Entangled In Heiniousness”. Decomposition Of Entrails also from Russia spew forth another duo of devastating tracks in the form of “Incantation” and “Violent Blasphemy”. With three bands in the proceedings on hand have been raw, stripped down and understandably grisly in a way that only Brutal Slam can be.

Fourth band, Asian collective Fatuous Rump left me with mixed feelings concerning their take on Slam. Although turbulent and fraught with chug I found the lead guitars that litter the initial half of “Piss Filled Uterus” to be misplaced and jarring albeit not in a good way. “The Collection Of Ovaries”, although a streamlined slab of smolder, was perhaps a tad to polished, compressed and cartoonish for my liking.

For the most part I found ‘Dissolution Of The Wicked’ to be a fun and brutish foray into Slam and Brutal Death Metal that amounted to a rewarding listening experience, one I continue to return to often!

-Asher Locketz-


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