Hot damn I have been rendered punchdrunk by what I have just heard for I have been battered into submission in the most blissful manner! This volcanic conflagration of violent, insanely dynamic and groundbreaking music must be witnessed by all and posthaste!

“Suffocate” is two and a half minutes of sonic turbulence that is like a head on collision between Glitch, Breakcore, Nu Metal and Deathcore that is both merciless and infectious in equal measure. Yes I am sold! If this scrumptious and scorching slab of psychotic, electro treated sonic wizardry is anything to go by then these lads have an arsenal of deadly weaponry up their proverbial sleeves and I for one am salivating at the prospect of feeding upon further fractitious and festive sounds plied by Treehouse Burning. The closest comparisons I can think of in terms of bands that flaunt a similar sonic template could be The Blood Of The Heroes, A Night In Texas, The Browning or Code Orange and even then each entity is unique.

“Suffocate” is bold, brash and beautifully mad. Imagine if you will the musical equivalent to cyber punk literature yet fed through a mincer with titanium shavings and you may come close to the cantankerous yet catchy sounds these mavens of chaos specialize in. In fact go forth and listen to “Suffocate” now and have your neural transmittors fried in the most festive fashion!

-Asher Locketz-

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