Hold on to your sanity because once you take the plunge into the depauched, depraved and deliciously disgusting filth-encrusted Grindcore plied by Gravesend you may just descend into a state of blissful psychosis. Perhaps that is the point for I loved every homicidal minute of ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’ released by the indomitable 20BuckSpin collective.

What a savage statement of destructive intent! ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’ is a twenty seven minute foray into ferocity that is built upon a bedrock of bludgeoning rhythms and thick churning riffs that alternate between crunching midtempo chug and blast beat fueled mania. The fuzz choked bass, bone shattering guitar riffs, pounding drums and gravel throated vocals collide in a manner that is truly thunderous. The production on this album is massive and all consuming wherein loathing and misanthropy bleed from every note with barbed wire resolve.

The sound that Gravesend specialize in is a scorching communion of Bestial Black Metal and vein bursting Grindcore that takes no prisoners and leaves a pile of corpses in its wake, metaphorically of course. Imagine if you will a head on collision between Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, Revenge and Blasphemy and you’ll be in the ballpark of the brutish auricular savagery that Gravesend ply with such punishing glee.

Beginning with the eerie instrumental “Fear City” which sounds like a Fabio Frizzi composition taken straight from a Lucio Fulci flick then heading into the cement mixer churn of the crushing “Sth – 10” also an instrumental, ‘Methods Of Human Disposal’ ratchets up the tension with its title track and continues to cave in skulls through its running time with slabs of smolder such as “Ashen Pile Of The Incinerated”, “Subterranean Solitude” and “Absolute Filth”.

This is merciless music fit for massacres and if you have a feeble consitution I can only suggest you stay far away from Gravesend for your own self preservation. If on the other hand you are a miscreant such as myself and delight in this type of sonic turbulence then strap in and enjoy the ride!

-Asher Locketz-


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