Courtesy of Chris Paterson, he of Boiling Point and Monolith fame, comes the bone crushing, viciously undulating, OSDM inspired slaughter of Cosmic Dyscrasia. If ‘Subterranean Terror’, a track built upon a bedrock of riff bending bludgeon and cavernous corrosion, is anything to go by then this one man wrecking ball of aural malevolence and punishing putridity is due to attain dominion over the darker recesses of the metallic landscape in the most gloriously ghastly manner.

Beginning with a churning froth of chugging riffage, steamroller like rhythms and primordial animalistic vocals, ‘Subterreanean Terror’ immediately attained ownership over my synaptic chasms with its rough hewn collision of drum battery and staggering guitars. Shades of Baphomet and Autopsy are evoked with vigor throughout this masterfully constructed piece of pummel. Halfway through a scintillating swathe of dissonant proggy swagger is introduced into the malign mix as tempo changes abound and the overall pacing convulses like a contortionist on cortisteroids. You will be flattened by the gritty ferocity on display, that much I garauntee.

In conclusion, if, like myself, you find succor within the grisly OSDM of bands such as Fetid, Genocide Pact, Vastum, Cerebral Rot, the murky invocations of Portal and the discordant fervor of Ulcerate then the odorous onslaught of abhorrent majesty that Cosmic Dyscrasia spews forth will undoubtedly be the type of unholy turbulence that you will joyfully embrace. I highly suggest checking out this slab of charred devastation and posthaste. Labels such as 20BUCKSPIN and PROFOUND LORE should take note for Cosmic Dyscrasia plies the type of delicious fare that would be a perfect fit for each respective labels roster.

-Asher Locketz-

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