Like a chrome plated war machine laying waste to all in its path, Chaos Doctrine’s latest track “Black Friday Bedlam” comes barreling out of the gates with furious intent! Built on a bedrock of thorny, barbed wire, thrash infused riffs, bludgeoning drumming,symphonic flourishes and crazed vocals, this slab of sonic savagery will lay siege to your cranium with firey resolve.

I salivated like a lovelorn ape whence being treated to what amounted to an exercise in punishing music executed with stellar precision and unbridled aggression. Housed in a gleaming, robust and streamlined production the ferocious heft of “Black Friday Bedlam” is felt in all its gargantuan glory where crushing guitars, syrupy bass, blistering drums and vitriolic vocals all collide in a confluence of delightful devastation. The guitar solos that pepper the latter half of the track are blistering as are the staccato riffs witnessed past the three minute mark; like cinder blocks raining down from the sky.

Up until now the guest vocalist who adorns this track has been shrouded in mystery. I have been waiting with bated breath to be privy to the individual who provides his vocals to this slab of smoldering, orchestral, thrash infused Metal. Ladies and gentleman it is no other then the legendary Jorgen Sandstrom, he who has provided his wares to Entombed, Grave and The Project Hate MCMXCIX!

Alongside the histrionic, Tom Araya inspired vocals of Dr D, Sandstrom’s gruff vocals spew forth a narrative of homicidal rage with unhinged ferocity. What a track indeed! “Black Friday Bedlam” is a turbulent, fist pounding work of primal fury where technology and stellar musicianship meet the reptillian brain on a battlefield where humanity is snuffed out in an explosion of consumerism gone wrong!

-Asher Locketz-

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