Guess The Guest Competition is now CLOSED!!!

The final few hours draws near to enter our Black Friday BedlamGuess the Guest competition!!!
Listen to the audio clips below, read the clues and leave your name and contact details with your answer below!
ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT & stand a chance of winning a SIGNED Chaos Doctrine Merch Hamper!!!

Good luck to you all!

Tune into Monday Night Metal Madness tonight 25 Jan ’21 when Dr D of Chaos Doctrine will draw and announce the winner from 8PM Central African Time!!!

A massive shoutout to Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management and Chaos Doctrine for this opportunity!

“This guest artist played in a prominent Death ‘n’ Roll band

“This guest artist played in one of Scandinavia’s foremost Death Metal bands”

“This guest artist played bass on an album highly ranked as a top album by Metal Hammer in the early 90s”

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