Well if you’re in the mood for some brooding Doom/Death Metal with a sprinkling of interesting synth overtones then look no further for the duo known as Until The Sky Dies have you covered in the form of their album “Forgotten Pact”

Herein you will be treated to a eight track excercise in ominous atmospherics and gritty instrumentation that brings to mind such sonic covens as Funeral Doom mavens Esoteric, Sludge Metal overlords Grief and the lobotomized lurching Death/Doom Metal of Hooded Menace.

The raspy vocals, churning guitars and rumbling bass of Clint Listing are smoldering and fit perfectly alongside the synth mastery, Drum battery and lead guitar squeals of Ryan Michalski. These gentleman certainly know how to craft music of the most delectably miserable and malevolent fashion. Tracks such as “Hope, Sorrow, Release” bring to mind Atavist as much as they do Autopsy whilst smoldering crushers such as closing, the nihilistically titled “Zeppelins Are Not Made For Flying” with its bonesaw guitar tone and malevolent vocals will surely flay your skin in the most merciless manner.

All in all a fine release by a duo that I cannot wait to hear more from in the future. Strap in for a ride to a place where hope goes to die in a confluence of crushing sonic fury.

-Asher Locketz-

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