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  • Infanteria Band Hangout & Album Playthrough
    I had the honor and privilege of hosting Progressive Thrash Metallers, Infanteria along with their world class producer, Heinrich Köllner during Monday Night Metal Madness. Members Chris, Tim and Adrian walked us through their 2022 album ‘Patriarch’ song by song. It was a great show with loads of information that you will only get to … Read more
    It was a Monday and I was so broken after the weekend’s event at Sognage!Come have a listen to what transpired and the bands who played and more!!!I also chatted to the fellas of the week’s THE METAL LAB‘s Battle Of The Bands winners Arms to Oblivion and had a blast listening what these champions had to say. You … Read more
  • Late Night Variety ft Rainy – 22 Feb ’22
    Tune into this show from when I hung out with Rainy on BurgStudio Online! We will treat you to some ear candy with her single “Death Is A Girl” 🔥🔥🔥You can also catch me live on BurgStudio Online every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 8PM Central African Time. Https://>>>Just Press PLAY<<< I also played the … Read more
  • Monday Night Metal Madness ft. Internal Conflict
    Smash that PLAY button and hang out with myself Adam Kyle of this past week’s THE METAL LAB‘s Battle Of The Bands winner, Internal Conflict I also the Metal tracks I was unable to play during Thursday Exposé last week. There were loads of awesome requests and great listener interaction here on BurgStudio Online!!! Bands … Read more
  • Late Night Variety – 15 Feb ’22
    Come hang out with me during your favorite variety show. Bringing you some of the best new and some mature music from South Africa other parts of the globe. Some fantastic requests were made and the music was gooood 🖤🔥🥳 Here are some of the bands that featured and remember that you can listen to … Read more