Episode 2 – With Segments Like a Semi-Pro

This week I am a little more organised, with a schedule as well as some topical segments, which I will be leaning on to give the appearance of structure, one of the hallmarks of a great radio show.

I specifically used the phrase “to give the appearance of” above, because even though I try to be pro, I’m at best a semi. Or at least until I get the hang of scripting my dialogue properly before the time like I’m supposed to be doing.

So what’s in store?

  • To honor the memory of the late Jim Steinman, the legendary songwriter and producer, I will be playing some of his biggest contributions to the music world, with songs he wrote for Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Air Supply, Sisters of Mercy and more.
  • I’ll be playing you some of the best local tunes from bands you should definitely be looking out for.
  • I will also be giving more background on the station, our vision for the future as well as how we would like to get more like-minded people on board.

So yeah, there you have it, tune in at 10 AM this morning! Tell you friends!

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