BATTLE OF THE BANDS 14 – 20 Mar ’21

Welcome To Battle of the Bands.

This event runs for 6 days.

The winner gets EXCLUSIVE airplay and 15min Interview on BurgStudio with France the Planet during “Monday Night Metal Madness”.
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Our first band of the week hail from South African shores.

Boiling Point:

Boiling Point is a 4 piece death metal/hardcore band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
They strive to create heavy, intense and captivating music that will satiate the palate of any metalhead. Their debut EP “Fields of Doom” was released on the 31’st of January 2021.

Boiling Point is:
Dominic Louw – Vocals
Chris Paterson – Guitars
Tiago Vital – Bass & Backing Vocals
Nick Erasmus – Live Drums

Please Choose your favourite track below and vote on THE METAL LAB:

Check out the track – Poison Dale

Their opponents are:

Broken Calling

Rapidly rising metal quintet BROKEN CALLING are making themselves heard with their explosive new single, Redemption. The track, which is instantaneously furious, political, venomous, and contagious, has all the markings of an anthem for 2020.

BROKEN CALLING started life in 2019 and feature members hailing from London and Dover. Infused with a fiery passion, the fivesome are utterly determined to make sure their voice is heard. Having toured the UK and Europe in previous bands, theyalready have a wealth of live experience to bring to their blistering sound.

BROKEN CALLING, consisting of guitarists Martin Osborne and Callum Green, along with James Falconer who provides stellar depth, as well as Jack Apella hammering on the drums and frontman Connor Snyder, who’s guttural yet melodicvocals bring it all together, have everything in their locker to be major players in 2021.

Please check out the track – Redemption

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