If you have not yet heard the skull crushing, blackened, Sludge infused Grindcore of Apes then do yourself a favor and do so posthaste for the absolutely punishing confluence of sonic weaponry these dudes unleash is deadly.

Admittedly my knowledge regarding this enigmatic sonic collective is practically non-existent. All I know is that the legendary Translation Loss Records , a label known for having a penchant for punishing music that exists at the fringes of the metallic continuum, released the four track EP ‘Lullabies For Eternal Sleep’ by this Canadian collective earlier this year and it amounts to being an absolutely devastating exercise in music of the most mammoth and gritty manner.

Opening track ‘Cornwall’ sets the tone for the following three tracks as it begins with a sheet of clanging harsh noise and spirals into a scorching frenzy of blackened riffs, pounding drums and pained vocals. Track two ‘Devour’ is a monolithic statement of savage intent that announces its presence with mountainous drumming, howling atmospherics and layers of melancholic guitars before giving way to a volcanic explosion of gargantuan riffs and anguished roars. You will be torn asunder, that much I guarantee. ‘Devour’ is delectable in the most destructive fashion.

Track three ‘No Will To Live’ is a rapid-fire display of Crust-Punk oriented blackened smolder that brings to mind All Pigs Must Die and Nails thrown into a blender with Lair Of The Minotaur. Track four ‘Sore’ is a hellish, rust encrusted soundscape that brings to mind the Harsh Noise conjurations of The Rita, Stimbox, Pharmakon and Wold.

This is perhaps one of the favorite releases I have been honored to hear this year and it is the type of bludgeon that leaves me reeling in a state of serene bliss. If you fiend for the type of ferocity plied by This Gift Is A Curse, The Secret, Trap Them, Whitehorse and Nails look no further and traverse the turbulent furnace that Apes create.

-Asher Lockletz-


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