Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada Echo Seven concoct a heady  cocktail of bone crunching Grunge, melodious Alternative Rock and Metalcore adjacent motifs that is percussive, pummeling and as infectious as an airborne contagion.

Their latest EP ‘X Ray In Use’ is a seven track exercize in sparkling and catchy songcraft that brings to mind Post Grunge practitioners Sponge and Veruca Salt as much as it does Stoner-Doom coven Jucifer and Nu-Metal stalwarts Taproot.

Featuring Stefanie Roy on vocals and lead guitar, Allon McCall on Drums, Justin Larracey on Guitars, Marcus LeBlanc on Guitars and Luke Smith on Bass, this fivesome create unpretentious, melody driven music that bristles with passion.

Opening with the rousing “Push/Pull”, a propulsive piece of rolling rhythmic bliss one is treated to a vibrant song fraught with a fantastic verse and festive chorus.

“The Catalyst” is a ambient stopgap that leads to track number three “Keep From Breaking” which is another prime example of the melodious confluence of clean vocals, chugging rhythms and crackling choruses that Echo Seven specialise in.

“Blame” will undoubtedly loop about in your head continuously with its blend of blistering, almost Darkest Hour solo work and Grunge oriented gloss.

Opening with a wash of synth “Only 1” is a tidal wave of Metalcore riffs, clean vocals and bludgeoning rhythms.

On an instrumental level the fashion in which Echo Seven meld Grunge and Metalcore together is fraught with fluidity, positively seamless.

Last track “Born From Ice” ends the proceedings in a galvanic fashion bringing to conclusion an EP that smolders with sincerity, solid musicianship and uplifting songs.

-Asher Locketz-

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