With a title such as ‘Tower Of Blood’ one begins to salivate in expectation of a slab of sonic smolder that is savage and scintillating in the classic sense. Inspired by the fiendish exploits of Elizabeth Bathory, this high energy track certainly sheaths the legend of the sadistic countess in a gleaming sheen. Well ladies and gentleman if you like your Metal anthemic and rousing then Brundarkh deliver in the form of their song ‘Tower Of Blood’ taken from their latest EP ‘Haunted Worlds’. Featuring founding member and creative fountainhead Heino Brand and creative co-conspirator Caleb Bingham this duo deliver fantastical fury with flare.

Beginning with an eerie sample ‘Tower Of Blood’ then gallops forth at propulsive pace as it delivers a chest beating amalgamation of metallic splendor that straddles the divide
between Power Metal, vintage NWOBHM, Modern Thrash and Symphonic Black Metal. Herein clean vocals collide with gravel throated yells that ride atop a wave of double kick battery, layers of orchestration and chugging guitars.

Admittedly being the corrosive curmudgeon that I am, although I can apprecciate and applaud grandiose fare such as this, it is generally not the type of saccharine scorch that I frequent often. Imagine if you will a sonic wildfire that straddles the divide between the sounds plied by Three Inches Of Blood, Manowar, Mercyful Fate, Carpathian Forest and Amon Amarth and you’ll have a good idea as to the type of uplifting and battle ready bludgeon that Brundarkh specialize in.

I respect any musician that has taken the time and effort to construct auricular art especially when it is evident that both quality and attention to detail have been adhered to. That is certainly the case with ‘Tower Of Blood’ which is a finely honed work that sits comfortably within the sonic canon it pays tribute to and is inspired by. I highly suggest Brundarkh to all and sundry that crave Metal that brings forth images of Conan slaying beasts in the morass of Hyperboria. If arena oriented, fist pumping pummel are your cup of tea then you will drink deeply of what Brundarkh has to offer.

-Asher Locketz-

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