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What's Happening in the South African Music Industry

Late Night Variety – 19 Jan ’21

Come have a listen tonight from 8PM Central African Time and have a some fun with this flaming hot variety show with yours truly, France The Planet(Check your time zones now and set your reminders)https://burgstudio.co.za/ftp>>>Just Press PLAY<<< What’s in store, you ask…? – Chaos Doctrine “Black Friday Bedlam” Guess The Guest Competition!!!– Calibre Spotify Giveaway!!!– … Read more


I like myself some Bestial Black Metal. Bands like Goat Penis, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Revenge and Beherit all occupy a special place in my darkened heart. With that being said I have to state that I didnt quite find “Volume 5” by Silenced Minstrel to be quite my cup of torrid tea. The instrumentation and programming … Read more


Listening to “First Race” by Hell Riders immediately brings to mind the leather clad, fist pumping pummel of Judas Priest. I refer specifically to the sounds found on both the legendary “Painkiller” and “British Steel” albums. Yessiree! if you fiend for the type of turbo charged char that Iron Maiden, Saxon and the aforementioned Judas … Read more


Well if you’re in the mood for some brooding Doom/Death Metal with a sprinkling of interesting synth overtones then look no further for the duo known as Until The Sky Dies have you covered in the form of their album “Forgotten Pact” Herein you will be treated to a eight track excercise in ominous atmospherics … Read more


Admittedly symphonic Black Metal is not a sub genre I frequent often. I generally find its pomp and grandiosity somewhat difficult to stomach. Although I can wholly appreciate the acumen, effort and energy that goes into it and applaud all musicians which pursue their vision within these paradigms with such unmitigated passion it is far … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – 18 Jan ’21

Monday Night Metal Madness – 8PM CENTRAL AFRICAN TIME!!! – Here we go again with some of the best METAL from around the world!!! See below what’s in store for you! Remember to set your reminders and CHECK YOUR TIME ZONES to avoid disappointment. https://burgstudio.co.za/ftp>>>Just Press PLAY<<< – Requests/Shoutouts– NEW SOUTH AFRICAN METAL– New Chaos … Read more


I was honored to receive this fine release courtesy of the man behind Cryoplegia, Lwandile Prusenthimself late last 2020. What for all intents and purposes initially appears to be merely a savage slab of stellar Slam, which folks, is certainly not a bad thing, especially if you’re a Slam fiend such as myself actually turns … Read more

Guess The Guest #1 – Chaos Doctrine Black Friday Bedlam

We are excited to announce that the new Chaos Doctrine single BLACK FRIDAY BEDLAM will be unleashed on Friday 12 February. Even more exciting is the epic special guest featured on this track! This individual is a legendary vocalist, bassist and guitarist from several mammoth classic international acts (and we are massive fans)! Starting this week we’re … Read more


The most recent album by the indomitable, inimitable and sonically awe inspiring ULCERATE “Stare Into Death And Be Still” is a convulsive, corrosive, concussive and crushing slab of dark, dissonant and devastating Death Metal that is sheathed in atmospherics of the most ominous and melancholic kind. This album is an otherworldly, transcendent and turbulent experience … Read more