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    The debut EP courtesy of Johannesburg based sonic collective The Iridium Experiment entitled “Hero.Victim.Villian”is a head on collision between Melodic, Thrash infused Metal and Post Hardcore that sparkles with soaring vocals, impassioned roars, … Read more
    It’s finally here boys and ghouls, the monstrous new album by Netherlands based wrecking crew Korpse entitled “Insufferable Violence”. Bare witness to a bludgeoning confluence of chunky rhythms and chugging riffs that are … Read more
    First off I must state that music of this calibre deserves to be housed in a far more robust, streamlined and sparkling production. With that being stated “Time Won’t Heal” by Silent Degradation … Read more
  • MARENE – “Something’s Out There”
    What immediately comes to mind when listening to “Something’s Out There” by Marene is the sparkling, synth-pop infused Rock I have been prone to experiencing in many a Horror Flick from the 80’s. … Read more

Thursday Exposé

  • Thursday Exposé – 18 Feb ’21
    Join me, France the Planet tonight while I hang out with South African Rockers, De Wallen from 8pm Central African Time!!! You will also get to hear a whole bunch of BRAND NEW … Read more
  • Roll Over Exposé 15 Feb ’21
    Join us this Monday for a bumper packed “Roll Over Exposé” from this past Thursday. The following will be in store for you – Hangout with MARENE and chat about their brand new … Read more