Join our Telegram channel for stream info in real-time

Have you ever found yourself listening to burgStudio when a song comes up that excites you so much that you literally have to express your enjoyment and interact with like-minded listeners?

Up to now, you had the option of either smashing that heartOn button, or by sending a shoutout, wherein in both cases the presenters are notified inside our Slack channel. This is great for us but leaves you out of the subsequent loop, so to speak.

Well, why not join our Telegram channel?

  • A bot serves you now playing data
  • You can scroll to view what’s been cooking in terms of music played
  • You can send us voice shoutouts! Who knows, we might end up playing it on air
  • And since Telegram is an open source platform there are lots of other reasons to joing this developing ecosystem

Just another way to interact with us and join our growing community.