Monday Night Metal Madness – 06 Dec 2021

What is up, all you lovelies!? This last official Monday Night Metal Madness for 2021 was a BANGER!!! This last official Monday Night Metal Madness for 2021 was a BANGER!!!Not only did I play some of the finest METAL from South Africa and other counties from around the globe, but was also given the opportunity … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness with Shadow Smile

Have a listen to this Monday Night Metal Madness Show which includes my hangout with Connor, the vocalist of Shadow Smile when we chat about their new single “You’re Safe”! We will also be playing you a tonne of awesome other METAL tracks from South Africa and the rest of the globe!Bands include… Woltemade | DeathSpringer | Sunken State | Burning Tongue | Chokehold Policy | Omega … Read more

Late Night Variety with “The Name On A Drum”

Click that play button and have a listen to myself and on air guests, The Name On The Drum , while we flip things upside down during this Late Night Variety show which will also feature the bands below and your 70’s Throwback of the week!!! Zebra | Burn The Mountain SA | Albert Frost … Read more

Late Night Variety – 16 Nov 2021

What’s up everyone!?If you missed it live here on BurgStudio Online, just click below and have a listen to this week’s Late Night Variety! There were some really interesting requests and shoutouts, so have a listen and next time try to tune in LIVE on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on BurgStudio Online from 8PM Central … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – Covers Edition

DID YOU MISS IT???It’s okay, just click below to in your own time and enjoy a packed two hour show with METAL covers by various local South African and international bands. I am currently working through a bout of Laryngitis, so expect a few strange noises here and there. Theo, vocalist of “Resurrection Of Fetal … Read more

Thursday Exposé Hangout with Safety First!

If you missed it, click below to join myself and Bloemfontein Rockers, “Safety First” on demand for our crazy hangout, band talk and music discussion, prior to their tour up to Johannesburg & Pretoria. The guys were in great spirits as it was Bassist Gavin’s birthday celebration and they allowed me to be part of … Read more

Thursday Exposé Hangout with MARENE

Come have a listen to myself, Tyler and Maronay of MARENE while chatting about and listening to some of the tracks off their brand new EP, “After Life”! It was a great and informative hangout and you will also get to know the band much better! You can also catch me every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday … Read more