Battle of the Bands 14 – 20 Feb ’21

Welcome To Battle of the Bands – This event runs for 6 days.

The winner gets EXCLUSIVE airplay and 15min Interview right here on our widely followed International Radio Station BurgStudio with France the Planet during “Monday Night Metal Madness”.
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Listen to the tracks below and cast your vote at the bottom.

Out first band is MODES
MODES is a 5 piece Metalcore band from Kent, UK.
Their engaging, powerful and energetic performances have hit the UK scene hard.
MODES have played with bands such as Hacktivist, TheCityIsOurs, Vexed, and many more.
They are currently working on their 2nd episode blending technical and progressive Metalcore with their own unique style.
Check out the track Flame alive below.

Our second band is Hellchamber

Hellchamber is a Vancouver, BC based Heavy Metal band that plays a blend of Classic and Thrash Metal. To date they have released one full-length album, and three EPs.

Since their initial formation in 2011, Hellchamber have become a consistent fixture on the Western Canadian Heavy Metal scene, supporting notable acts such as SOULFLY, FLOTSAM & JETSAM.

Hellchamber stormed into 2020 by unleashing the song / video “Dogs Of War”, which marks the reunion of original singer Shane Stone and “Sexy Bass God” James Dean Eckert. They are joined by guitarist Dan Larson and drummer Rob Wade (Touch The Sun, ex-Flybanger/Jar).

Please check out the track Dogs of War below.

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