I like myself some Bestial Black Metal. Bands like Goat Penis, Blasphemy, Archgoat, Revenge and Beherit all occupy a special place in my darkened heart. With that being said I have to state that I didnt quite find “Volume 5” by Silenced Minstrel to be quite my cup of torrid tea. The instrumentation and programming were certainly impressive yet it was the vocals that I found a tad meek, an aspect that undoubtedly impacted upon my enjoyment of this album. It pains me to critique music yet hey I must be honest. There are undoubtedly folks that will get on board with the vocals yet for me they are neither tortured screams or tortured screeches that emanate unholy light. Methinks Silenced Minstrel attempted to imitate Attila Csihars reptillian vocals on Mayhems “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanis” yet has rather come across as cartoonish and lacking in vitriol.

I like the blast beats and the riffs are impressive yet I just find this release to be lacking in ferocity and atmosphere. I appreciate the passion and dedication to his craft yet I just can’t get on board with this and state that I find it any fashion a successful representation of violent Black Metal. I state the aforementioned due to two reasons; the first one hinges upon the fact that there is no air of menace present which is of utmost importance whence creating this music especially since the production is generally lofi. The second is that, as mentioned previously, the vocals do not do it for me.

All in all I feel that Silenced Minstrel had the potential to create an album of corrosive heft yet fell short for the two reasons I stated above. I almost want to apologize for crafting such a scathing review for I loathe to critisize yet methinks with his instrumental prowess in tow this elusive individual could blast forth blizzards of blackened fury if only he were to refine his craft.

-Asher Locketz-

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    • Well thank you dearly for the kind words! As always your support and camaraderie is deeply appreciated!! ☺


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