Survivors Of Suicide – “Haunted Mistress”

If the saccharine, streamlined and sparkling sounds plied by Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria and even vintage Bleeding Through are your proverbial bag of happy then the keyboard driven pomp of Survivors Of Suicide will certainly sit well with you. With Jake Tipton at the helm this Phoneix, Arizona based sonic entity will have you … Read more


There is something inherently fun about Pyjama Planet; the brainchild of multi talented musical mastermind and guitar shredder Mark Pyjama. Here is a musical entity in which creative juices and the imagination run rampant. “The Prelude” is a stunning and scintillating slab of utterly smoldering musical dexterity and instrumentation that incinerates solar systems with its … Read more


If anything can wake the dark, otherworldly behemoth Lord Cthulhu from his dreamless slumber in the catacombs of RL’YEH it is, undoubtedly, the heaving, frenetic and surging streamlined sonic savagery invoked by A NAMELESS DREAD. Their debut album “The First Nothing” , be it either Metalcore, Deathcore or rather a corrosive, unique and crushing confluence … Read more


KYPHOSIS create ferocious Metalcore fraught with skull crushing rhythms, corrosive riffs and seething vocals. Prepare to be pummeled into submission by this bands savage, palpably angry and passionate Metalcore. “Blind” is a vitriolic admonishment of societal constraints and the herd like mentality thereof. The sonic equivalent to bare knuckle brawling with all the bloodshed that … Read more


Witnessing The Color Blew perform live this past Saturday night was an absolute delight. Featuring in their ranks seasoned veterans of the South African music scene; the inimitable Liaan Horton on vocals and rhythm guitar, low end lord Marius Cronje on bass, the superb Timothy James on lead guitar and percussive master Armando Santos on … Read more


VOTOV are a force to be reckoned with and their beastly brand of bludgeoning and barbaric Thrash infused, odious OSDM will leave you salivating like a lovelorn ape. These Canadian filth mongers ply the type of OSDM that alongside similar acts like Fetid, Vastum, Witch Vomit and Pissgrave harkens back to a time where Death … Read more


This ain’t no Broadway musical folks. This is Johannesburg based collective RIDDLEBREAK and this past Saturday they came to lay waste to eyes and ears across the land with a performance that showcased their propulsive blend of musical fury and instrumental prowess. Featuring Jade Osner on vocals, Gordon Bosma on drums, Gareth Reed on rhythm … Read more


I have been salivating at the prospect of wrapping my ravaged eardrums around the newest track by Johannesburg based wrecking crew Chaos Doctrine for some time now! Hot Damn! After having given it repeated listens I have emerged from its sulphur drenched sonic depths floored and in awe. Featuring in their ranks members of legendary … Read more

Black Bone Nation – Urban Sessions

Black Bone Nation

This past Saturday night the indomitable Black Bone Nation set the Urban Sessions stage ablaze with their patented blend of propulsive Hard Rock. Led by band figurehead, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, the captivating Zakk Styles; alongside talented lead guitarist Brendan Forer, low end master; bassist Leroux Engelbrecht and classy drummer Henri Viljoen, this quartet unleashed … Read more